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To gain greater market share and increase sales, your business must articulate its mission and value proposition as concisely and appropriately as possible.

In today’s fast-paced and even faster-evolving consumer society, businesses must find a way to reach their audiences to their increase sales. This is what makes the quality of your expression to your audience so critical.

We charge for our writing services by the hour. Keeping this in mind, when managing your web site and your publications, you have two choices:

Write your material content yourself. (If you already have the content written, let us know. That can be a big time saver on the project.)
Have Cherry Design write your material content for you.

When you are writing the material content yourself:
You will find it is a considerable amount of work to prepare your company's materials for publications and web pages. It is recommended that you use our content worksheet to help you to formulate your goals. When you have finished writing your material content, there are a few things that we need from you:

  • You must set up a separate Word processor file for each Web page. Use this worksheet to indicate which file names correspond to which Web pages.
  • We prefer Microsoft Word, though we can convert a wide variety of file types.
  • Please send content for your web pages (preferably on a CD formatted for Word for Windows. We can translate from most word processor formats with ease.)
  • Please do not send us a draft of your text. Send us your final version. While we expect to make minor changes here and there after the Web pages are prepared, we charge extra to format and insert brand new text.
  • Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges, especially if they require a good deal of formatting. (Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words).

When we are writing your material content for you:

  • If you would like us to write your content, this will extent the amount of time and price on your project. It is recommended that you use our content worksheet to help you to formulate your goals so that we may help you better.
  • It is important for our customers to understand that writing content takes time to deduce precisely what you want to communicate. To a person who is unfamiliar with the process, there is much work that goes into our research and careful formulating for each piece to articulate it effectively. To rush this deliberate process may result in errors and lack of appropriate expression.
  • Please make this process easy for us. The easier it is for us, the less time it will take us.

    1. To start with, we need full and comprehensive information. We will need reference material of existing material to formulate excellent verbiage. This will include all information samples of your printed materials -- brochures, letterheads, cards, booklets, etc. -- so we can see how you present your company image.

    We will need a contact person who will be able to answer any content questions on a moments notice.