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"A picture is worth a thousand Words..."

The right kind of photo breathes life into a sterile white back-ground

"If eyes are the windows to the soul, then images are the gateway".


The quality and professional appearance of your Web site has a lot to do with and is on based on the professional look of the photos you choose for your Web pages.

  • You may send your own hard copy photos which we will scan.

    If your photos will be used for print, they must be at a minimum of 300 dpi and must be of a larger size or exact size.

    If your photos will be used for the web, they must be at a minimum of 72 dpi and must be of a larger size or exact size.

    If your photo needs to re-sized, cropped, color enhanced or photo corrected/ enhanced, this service is offered on an hourly basis.
  • You may want captions for your photos. Prepare captions for each each one. It works well to affix a PostIt Note to the photo to indicate its caption and which Web page it goes on.
Our Standard Web Site Packages include an average of 1 through 1.3 photos or graphics per page. Beyond that we charge an additional fee for placing photos.

Color originals larger than 5" x 8" will cost extra.

Instantly improve the value of your website with mesmerizing photos.
They enhance your message, add interest, delight with splashes of color and...
*In the special event that unique photos need to be taken for company collateral or functions, exclusive rights may apply. If models are required for the photography session, there will be modeling fees and possible release forms required.