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Fine Corporate and Business Art by Commission
portraits, reproductions and more...

From corporate lobbies to individual offices, fine art peaks interest, boosts morale and promotes productivity of employees. The feel good atmosphere that fine art creates makes an unforgettable impression in your clients mind. Fine art not only enhances the beauty of your surroundings, it is an experience. It will be a conversation piece with your visitors.
Geraldine Larson, an eminent artist, works in partnership with Cherry Design. Geraldine works with corporations and businesses of all sizes to find the right blend of original art and reproductions to fit all budgets. Enhancing a workplace with art helps businesses to project an image and create a more cohesive and interesting environment.

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Cherry Design offers clients various design options from the latest and best in contemporary original art to a huge range of high quality prints on paper or canvas - to suit any budget or interior design specification. 

The following samples are original paintings:
What a great statement to have --beautiful paintings of local scenery on your prominent walls.

Cherry Design Art Services

· Assessment of existing art in facilities –Recommendations for care, rearrangement, removal, and/or updating

· Facilitation of commissioned works for specific locations such as – Outdoor Sculpture, Atrium Spaces, Large Lobby Walls, Windows requiring etched or stained glass etc.

· Planning and production for the placement of reproductions and other inexpensive pieces for general office areas, hospitals, nursing homes, corridors of spec office buildings, doctor's offices etc.

· Delivery, placement and hanging of new or existing work.

· Original paintings, limited edition prints, photographs and other works of original art for corporate offices, executive and professional offices, public spaces, hotels etc.

· Corporate gifts and special awards.

Original Art Work agreement

Artwork appearing on this site is copyrighted by Artist Geraldine Larson and may not be copied without the copyright owner’s consent. Any portion or part may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, adapted, performed in public or transmitted in any form by any process (graphic, electronic or mechanical including further copying, recording, taping or by a storage and information retrieval system) or otherwise exploited for any purpose that is not expressly permitted in writing by Geraldine Larson and Cherry Design.

Or colorful nature...

Or enticing food...

Or mysterious, intriguing figures...

Statuesque or traditional portraiture art to show stability of a business... from civil servants, founders, owners, a special memorandum, ancestors or famous notorieties on your prominent walls.

Or children...

Or advertising art...

Or wildlife.

Each business has a unique set of needs in art expression. We can help you find your best fine art message to your audience.