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Your Logo is the most important design element of your Company Identity.

We are the only one in the world to specialize in Progos™.... Progos are beautiful, unique portrait logos. Send us a photo and we will make an attention getting Progo™ of an exact likeness for your banding material.

ll logos that we create are unique and created specifically to fit each client. We do not mass produce our logos.

We are able to create every style of logo to match your business branding whether it be a traditional corporate style, fanciful, sporty, rugged or whimsical.

Visit our "For Our Guests" side bar to help you decide what style of logo you would like us to create.

Every logo has a mission. The mission of your logo is to portray the values and goals of your company in one small statement, symbol or both. It becomes the basis for all your materials: stationery, packaging, promotional tools and signage. Your logo should reflect professionalism and growth no matter how small your company is. We have the know how and experience to help you achieve this.

Create your Branding with your Logo. There is a strong association between your brand and your logo which helps increase consumer recognition and strengthens your advertising efforts.

People are going to judge your business by its look. Your Brand, logo, website and store design should be dressed to impress your potential customers. This is how consumers will recognize your company.
Your Branding and your Logo is long lasting and should be used effectively year after year.

Here's how our Design Process works in four simple steps:

1. Tell Us About Your Company- The Creative Brief.
To create an effective identity for you we need to completely understand your company. Tell us about your business, your goals, and the image you want to portray. Also let us know what logos of other businesses you like or dislike. Click here for Design Brief.

2. Choose The Logo You Like Most.
Your designer will provide you with 3 initial design concepts to choose from based on your Creative Brief. You may choose one of these designs, or use one of these designs to move forward with an evolved design.

3. Request Revisions.
This is where you give the designer some useful feedback that will help him/her refine your logo. Tell the designer what you like/dislike about each design, and what changes you would like to see to your chosen design direction. This will help your designer to develop the best logo for your business.

4. Approve Your Final Logo Design.
At any point in the design process, you may finalize your logo design. (You may decide that one of the initial concepts is perfect, or you may make your choice after a few design revisions). Your new logo will then be made available for you to download in several formats so you can begin to implement your new identity as soon as possible. If applicable, we will also send you a CD Rom containing your new logo design in each graphic format.
We will help Trademark Your Logo!
Trademarking your logo is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Trademark holders have the ability to prevent their competitors and other third parties from using their registered trademark without permission.

A trademark is essential for all companies that profit from product name or business name recognition. Companies who fail to register their trademark, or companies currently conducting business using an unregistered trademark, run the risk of losing some or all of their rights to continue to use their name/ mark.

This normally occurs when a competitor or unrelated third party trademarks a mark that is the same or substantially similar to an existing mark. Few companies have the financial strength to overcome the full or partial loss of their right to use their own business name, product names, logos and slogans

The greatest expense of a trademark can be the lack of it!