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"If you can imagine it, we can create it!!"

For your Website, your Cell Phone, your Presentation...

Integrating eye-popping visuals with friendly, easy-to-follow navigation really drives your advertising message home. We have the latest production techniques that can deliver a message with impact to your target audience!

The tools of marketing are changing rapidly. Businesses need to engage their audiences in more dynamic ways. From concept to completion or consulting with your internal team we can assist you in achieving your interactive objectives for web, cdrom, or handheld device.

  Morgan Stanley reports show that the asperse banner ad is more effective at generating brand recall and brand interest than ads on TV or in magazines or newspapers. Consumers show a 27% greater ability to recall a brand after seeing an Internet ad than before. Compare that to magazines, which increase brand recall by 26%, newspapers' at 23%, and television's at 17%.

For every Animation or Video project, we will present a Storyboard to you for your review. After your approval, the magic begins...
The following FREE standard downloads is needed to view animation on this website:
Animation Production
It’s a challenge—keeping the audience’s attention. So how can you keep them focused? You need to delight them, keep them guessing. Animation will give your website more dynamic presence and breathe in some new life in your presentation. Make your information dance across the screen with your audience following every word!  
Using advanced animation for the first time can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what is expected from you or from us. The following shows typical animation project phases:  

Research Phase.

Before the design even begins to take form, we research what kind of animation would be best for you. This entails detailing everything from the type of your company and your target audience to your products or service you are trying to sell. To help with our research, you should collect everything from illustrations to brochures for your company in order to give the best quality possible.

Story Boarding Phase.
Once the research is complete, the process of storyboarding begins. Based on the script or concept of the client, rough sketches are drawn up and the advanced animation begins to take form. This will allow the client to see the stages of actions in all their angles and give them a glimpse of what the end result will be. This stage also focuses on editing the content, so be sure to use this phase to ensure that all of your requirements will be met by the final animation.

Production Phase.
With an approved storyboard, the project then enters the production phase. This may require photography sessions*. During this phase the sound that will affect the timing and pacing of the animation is added. Sometimes lighting is also added to create a more realistic look. The process of cleaning up also begins here as new colored pictures replace the sketchy art. This requires a large amount of time as updates of the animation are continually being sent to the client so they can see the progress and make any needed adjustments along the way.

Post-Production Phase.
The client reviews the final product and makes any final revisions. Upon approval, the final products are converted to the intended format for delivery, including anything from Flash Videos to DVD for television airing.

From the research phase through post-production, we will work with you every step of the way so that you may realize your vision and accomplish your business goals. The result will be exclusive animations that will make you the envy of all your competitors.

*In the special event that unique photos need to be taken, exclusive rights may apply. If models are required for the photography session, there will be modeling fees and possible release forms required.